The World - Enamel Pin (Major Arcana) - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
The World - Enamel Pin (Major Arcana) - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
The World - Enamel Pin (Major Arcana) - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
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The World | Enamel Pin


    A world of positivity and personal achievement

    Nordic runes, pendulum, tarot of angels, tea-leaf reading, numerology... The divinatory techniques are as varied as the esoteric practices and practices are. With the Tarot de Marseille, it is the famous European card game that we are going to talk about and make you discover today. Each card, which has a unique allegorical meaning, allows you to give directions on the answers given to your questions. Today, we are going to take stock of the « World » card, the last card of the major arcana.


    Meanings of the « World » card

    Like any divination card, the World Map has many meanings.

    A new iteration of radical change, the « World » is in motion with great magnitude to accomplish an inexorable and major change in your life. This implies a reward, a special satisfaction when the completion of this change is seen.

    These inner earthquakes imply a maturation of the mind, a better understanding of the world around you. It is a harbinger of physical or spiritual journeys, which can lead, for example, to the evolution of your beliefs.

    To fulfil your desires for evolution, gain experience to succeed in this great upheaval in your life, so that you do not let yourself be overcome by insurmountable obstacles.


    The world freezes on the enamel pin

    This enamel accessory of the « World » is an original creation and an exclusivity of Atelier Perséphone! Like all the products available on the site, this product is the fruit of its author's imagination, a rigorous selection during the production of the products and above all, a lot of love and attention.

    If you are like us, this esoteric pin will delight lovers of divination and fortune-telling. The enamel pin is a discreet accessory with vintage trends, to hang anywhere: bags and fabric accessories, clothing and even your collectors' cork paintings.

    If you want to please your entourage or to please yourself, you know what to take, aspiring witches and fortune-tellers...


    • Exclusive design by Atelier Perséphone
    • 30 m x 50 mm enamel pin
    • Two pins stoppers on the back for stability
    • A meaningful gift
    • Discreet touch of esotericism

    Come and discover without waiting the other major arcana drawn by the Atelier Perséphone in the collection « Major Arcana », divinatory pins of the famous Tarot de Marseille.

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