The Tower - Enamel Pin (Major Arcana) - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
The Tower - Enamel Pin (Major Arcana) - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
The Tower - Enamel Pin (Major Arcana) - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
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The Tower | Enamel Pin


    The tower that tears the Heavens

    It’s not mandatory to be an experienced fortune-teller to start a divination practice and begin the Tarot de Marseille card drawing. Little by little, you will learn the meaning of the many cards, what the allegories correspond to and how they work with other cards. You might, for example, understand the coming week or get a glimpse of your romantic future with a love draw...

    Why not start learning the meanings by discovering the « Tower » card?


    Meanings of the « Tower » card

    Citing all the meanings of the « Tower » would be very long... So we choose to make a non-exhaustive overview of the meanings of this map:

    Just as we see in the representations of this card a collapsing « Tower » and characters falling from it, this map represents the collapse of ambitions, a salutary crisis and a serious obstacle to overcome. It can be synonymous with failure, rupture, divorce or great upheaval.

    However, these radical changes also imply a new beginning, despite the conflict and disruption in your environment or relationships. Owning a « Tower » in its draw implies a threat to your life, although unexpected and traumatic events are part of life. Re-focus on yourself, rebuild what needs to be rebuilt, and move forward.


    The Tower sealed in an esoteric pin

    This enamel pin of the « Tower » is a unique, original creation and an exclusivity of Atelier Perséphone! Like all the products available on this store, this accessory is the result of the imagination of its creator, a rough selection during the manufacturing process and above all, a lot of attention and love.

    If you are a little like us, this occult pin will delight the amateurs of divination or fortune-telling. The enamel pin is a discreet accessory with vintage trends, to hang anywhere: bags and fabric accessories, clothing and even your collectors' cork paintings.

    If you want to please your entourage or to please yourself, you know what to take, aspiring witches and fortune-tellers...


    • Exclusive design by Atelier Perséphone
    • 30 m x 50 mm enamel pin
    • Two pins stoppers on the back for stability
    • A meaningful gift
    • Discreet touch of esotericism

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