The Lovers - Enamel Pin (Major Arcana) - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
The Lovers - Enamel Pin (Major Arcana) - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
The Lovers - Enamel Pin (Major Arcana) - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
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The Lovers | Enamel Pin


    Union, relationship and conflicting choices

    Some witches, fortune-tellers or people simply practising divination, proceed to a weekly draw to better understand the week to come. A draw of three cards can be made: the first card represents the state, about the person. The second, which is advised to do. The last one, what to act on for the future.

    The possibilities are infinite for questioning and drawing to better manage one's daily life.

    Discover here one of the Tarot de Marseille cards, the « Lovers »...


    Meanings of the « Lovers » card

    The « Lovers », accompanied by a companion when he is in English, has many meanings that don’t seem, at first glance, very intuitive! Let's discover these meanings:

    Love takes many forms, the « Lovers » mean difficult choices to brave in life. The choice is a difficult one, which can become a source of comfort, stability, commitment or lead to temptation, infidelity, a break-up or separation (and not necessarily a break-up of love, but also of family or social relationships).

    The right choice can only be made if we do not forget that opposites are the same side of the same coin, that one decision does not go without the other. You have to accept the situation as a whole for things to go well.


    A pin exclusive to the Atelier, original and esoteric

    This accessory with the esoteric inspirations is with the effigy of the first tarot card of Marseilles: the « Lovers »! Its unique design, designed by Atelier Perséphone, will discreetly embellish your accessories, bags, or various clothes, thanks to this pure design with contrasting tones.

    Enamel pins, the vintage accessory beyond comparison, finally comes back to the forefront and allows you to assert your personality, your tastes and aspirations differently, while remaining almost secret.

    Do you also know people who are interested in fortune-telling or fortune-telling? I'm sure that the « Lovers » pin could please them... or you!


    • Exclusive design by Atelier Perséphone
    • 30 m x 50 mm enamel pin
    • Two pins stoppers on the back for stability
    • A meaningful gift
    • Discreet touch of esotericism

    In the « Major Arcana » collection, esoteric pin of the Tarot de Marseille, you will discover all the designs invented by the Atelier Perséphone for the Major Arcana. Don't hesitate to have a look at it.

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