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The Hermit: silent thinker

The Tarot de Marseille, a famous card game and divination, appeared in the 15th century, in Italy. Each card is an allegory, each card has a meaning, a trajectory for the one who will perform the draw. Although it can be used as a simple deck of cards, the divinatory use of this game is the best known of all.


Meanings of the « Hermit » card

Nestling in the woods or at the top of the cliff, the « Hermit » moves away from civilization and finds himself alone, with himself. Let's discover together the meanings that surround this solitary map...

Taking out the « Hermit » during a draw is a call to step back, to seek introspection and reflection on oneself and our actions. You have a period of internal reflection, where you need to recharge your batteries physically or psychologically, through a retreat.

This deep introspection will give you the orientation you need to overcome your difficulties, to become aware of the path you will have to take in the future. Be careful, however, that this introspection doesn’t turn into mutism, misanthropy or withdrawal into yourself. This phase is necessary but transitory, to move forward wisely in your life.


The pin for tarot enthusiasts!

Our esoteric pin is, today, in the effigy of the « Hermit »! Its original (exclusive) design will discreetly decorate a piece of clothing or a backpack thanks to its pure design and this slightly vintage touch of enamel pins!

As always with Atelier Perséphone, this product is an original and authentic creation to allow you to highlight your personality, your tastes and aspirations. Do you want to make a personalized gift to someone who is interested in fortune-telling? Our « Hermit » enamel pin is the best way to please him or her... and to please you!


  • Exclusive design by Atelier Perséphone
  • 30 m x 50 mm enamel pin
  • Two pins stoppers on the back for stability
  • A meaningful gift
  • Discreet touch of esotericism

Discover now all the major arcana designs invented by Atelier Perséphone in the « Major Arcana » collection, esoteric pins of the mythical Tarot de Marseille.

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