Genderfluid | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Genderfluid | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Genderfluid | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Genderfluid | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Genderfluid - LGBTQ+ connected pins - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
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Genderfluid | LGBTQ+ connected pins


    The jewel dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community!

    What is genderfluidity?

    Genderfluidity is a gender identity. It refers to the fact that a person has a gender that varies over time, isn't fixed in a specific direction. A genderfluid person may feel more feminine one day and decide to put forward attributes that are considered feminine, and not feel the need to do so some time later.


    Being proud of our gender identity

    Would you like to be able to embellish your clothes and wardrobe and proudly display your belonging to the LGBTQ+ community? Do you feel that your identity is genderfluid and are you looking for an original, unique and exclusive fashion accessory? Atelier Perséphone is very pleased to present you its original creation « Genderfluid - LGBTQ+ connected pins ».


    An elegant fashion jewellery accessory

    Original fashion accessory, this neck jewel is composed of two wings as enamel pins, in the genderfluid flag colours. The Atelier Perséphone is proud to present this exclusive creation to you at the shop, which will delight its new owners, whether it is someone close to you, or yourself!

    So, proud angel, unfold your wings and assume with elegance who you really are.

    Features :

    • Beautiful jewel for the genderfluid community
    • An original fashion accessory
    • A great gift to please every time
    • Two connected enamel pins 47 mm by 21 mm
    • Unique design created by Atelier Perséphone

    It's not over yet! Come and discover the LGBTQ+ collection « Proud Angel », from Atelier Perséphone. You will certainly find the perfect jewel...