Gay (pastel) | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Gay (pastel) | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Gay (pastel) | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Gay (pastel) | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Gay (pastel) - LGBTQ+ connected pins - Atelier Perséphone : bijoux, accessoires et papeterie
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Gay (pastel) | LGBTQ+ connected pins


    The pastel pin of pride for the LGBTQ+ community!

    What is homosexuality and the queer community?

    Homosexuality is a sexual orientation. It refers to people who are attracted to the same gender as themselves. For example, a man attracted exclusively to other men.

    The queer community means all people who are defined as « weird » or « strange », who are not heterosexual or cis-gender. This community therefore includes anyone who defines themselves as trans or other fluid genders, as well as anyone who is not strictly heterosexual.

    The rainbow flag is the most well-known symbol of the Gay and Queer (LGBTQ+) community, symbolizing harmony, diversity, and peace.


    Pastel colours for an unique pride

    Would you like to be able to put on one of your clothes a refined accessory that will allow you to proudly reveal your belonging to the LGBTQ+ community? Are you gay or proud of being part of the Queer community? Do pastel colours enchant your days? The Atelier Perséphone is, then, delighted to present you its exclusive creation: « Gay (pastel) - LGBTQ+ connected pins ».


    An exclusivity of Atelier Perséphone

    This neck jewel is an accessory that attaches to both sides of a blouse collar or a polo shirt, for example. This jewel is indeed composed of two enamel pins connected between them by a gold-coloured chain. Each pin takes again the pride flag colours, the rainbow flag.

    The Atelier decided for this piece to make them pastel, for the softer colour appreciators. One of a kind, this elegant jewel is a great gift idea for anyone from the LGBTQ+ / gay community, or to please yourself!

    Now feel free to spread your wings wide and proudly show who you are!

    Features :

    • Beautiful jewel for the gay / proud community
    • An original fashion accessory
    • A great gift to please every time
    • Two connected enamel pins 47 mm by 21 mm
    • Unique design created by Atelier Perséphone

    It's not over yet! Come and discover the LGBTQ+ collection « Proud Angel », from Atelier Perséphone. You will certainly find your happiness...