Agender | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Agender | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Agender | LGBTQ+ connected pins
Agender | LGBTQ+ connected pins
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Agender | LGBTQ+ connected pins


    Original connected pins dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community!

    What is agender?

    Agender is an identity that falls within the spectrum of LGBTQIA+. This gender identity can be lived in various ways like not identifying with any gender (including the traditional gender binary of male or female), experiencing a sense of gender neutrality, rejecting the societal construct of gender or perceiving the concept of gender as personally irrelevant.


    Two wings with colours that will make you proud

    Are you someone who identifies as agender and is in search of a distinctive fashion accessory? Are you interested in personalizing one of your beloved garments to proudly showcase your affiliation with the LGBTQ+ community? If this resonates with you, Atelier Perséphone takes great pride in introducing our jewellery « Agender - LGBTQ+ connected pins ».


    Exclusively at Atelier Perséphone

    Connected pins jewels are accessories that can be attached to both sides of a blouse collar or a polo shirt (for example). These jewels are in fact composed of two enamel pins connected to each other, with a gold (or silver) coloured chain. Each pin takes the colours of the flag of agender folks.

    Colourful and unique, this jewel is a great gift idea for anyone who recognizes himself in this orientation, or to please yourself!

    Don't hesitate now to spread your wings wide and proudly show who you are!

    Features :

    • Beautiful jewel for the agender community
    • An original fashion accessory
    • A great gift to please every time
    • Two connected enamel pins 47 mm by 21 mm
    • Unique design created by Atelier Perséphone

    Why not come and discover the rest of our « Proud Angel » collection? Maybe you will discover the identity that suits you best!

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